We were so pleased with the performance of Emmanuel del Casal's jazz trio at our open house event. The music perfectly conveyed the upbeat yet sophisticated tone we wanted to establish. The musicians were very professional, and our guests were quite impressed. Emmanuel and his team understood our goals for the event. He visited our event site ahead of time and spoke with our management team to ensure we all agreed on the variety, volume and genre of music to be performed. Emmanuel definitely played a role in making our event a first class affair.

​-- Nicole R. Smith ​Vice President and Marketing Manager ​Union Bank of California


Call  206-992-7642  or  Email for rates and availability


Call 206-992-7642 or Email for rates and availability

You and your other musicians were great!!!! You were exactly what I had in mind. I appreciate your quick response and your professionalism. ​You sounded wonderful.

-- Alice Conway, CSEP

Hi, my name is Emmanuel del Casal, and I am the Music and Events Maestro.  It has taken me over 30 years to get to where I am as a professional musician and a professional in the Special Events industry.  It has been a wonderful journey that has taken me around the world traveling to perform music, making original music in countless projects and bands, recording in studios, as well as learning the business of booking gigs and musical performance for special events.

Being the Music and Events Maestro is a hat I wear as an Events Professional when working with special private events.  In my career spanning more than 30 years, I have done thousands of gigs and events of all types.  I have focused upon playing for special private events for the last 20 years.  Playing live music in a public venue such as a nightclub, bar, restaurant, tavern, or cafe is not the same thing as being hired to perform for a private event.  These are two separate things.  

Performing for a private event requires a professional protocol and experience that is necessary for the success of an event.  One may see a great band or highly talented musicians at a nightclub, bar, or even on the street busking, and feel they would be great for a company party or wedding.  That could be true.  However, they may not necessarily be the right choice to play for a private event especially a higher end type of function.  It isn't as if the band will not sound as good at a private event or an issue of musical talent.  The issue is the musicians/band's level of professionalism, awareness, and expertise in terms of understanding the totality of an event that encompasses the whole process of planning, understanding the band's role, working with the event planner or client, and executing flawlessly on the day of the event. It may surprise you to know (or probably not...grin) that not every musician is well equipped to deal with all of the details and expectations that are required of professional special event vendors. The reason is because these expectations are skill sets that have nothing to do with the craft of performing music and are skill sets in commerce, contracting, marketing, negotiating, organization, communication, attention to details, punctuality, reliability, appropriate attire, and all attributes necessary for the outcome of a successful event experience.  These skill sets are not taught in music school. Many musicians do not obtain these skill sets.  The ones that do are the bandleaders, and even many bandleaders are not well equipped either.  The 80/20 rule definitely applies here.

What is most important to me

It is most important to me to be very great in musical performance.  It is most important to me to be very great in the success of fulfilling an event for the client.  I take pride in that my product will be an awesome demonstration of musicality performed by the best musicians I can hire for the event.  I possess an awareness of the chemistry between my players. Not only do I hire great players, I hire the ones who work well together, enjoy being in each other's company, and respect one another.  The result is that the music played will be wonderful and of the highest caliber. Also, much positive energy is an effect of this collective, which impacts the event in many good ways.  To be honest, the assembling of players and the performance is the easy part for me.  The entire process of event planning which includes communicating with the planners, paying great attention to all the details, communicating with the musicians, contracting, administrative duties, cutting checks, special requests, and every single thing one can think of that goes into an event is what is most demanding.  But, when the event goes smoothly without a glitch and at the end of the night the client is happy, there is no better feeling.  I explain in more depth just what goes into my methodology of pulling off a successful event here.

Sophisticated Experience

After many years I have come to understand that I am not merely playing music for an event.  I am providing an experience that will create a memory for the client and her guests that will last long after the event ends.  The niche I have chosen is for my musical groups to provide a Sophisticated Experience that is classy, pleasurable, and memorable.  After spending more than 10 years playing every weekend at The Georgian, a very fine dining establishment at Seattle's premier luxury The Olympic Hotel as well as many high end banquet venues, I am able to attest that I know a thing or two what a Sophisticated Experience is about. While it has taken me over thirty years of professional experience to become the Music and Events Maestro, my journey is ongoing and I feel like I'm just getting started.  

Thanks, Emmanuel!

​ It was a successful event. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and was able to mingle and network. Thanks for helping to create the perfect environment. You guys were perfect! I will definitely keep your info for future events. Thanks again! Enjoy the summer!

-- Georgi Jenkins, Office Concierge
​Full Spectrum Communications

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