There is much more that goes into the performance of our great sounding musical groups.  The entire process from beginning to end that encompasses the choosing of the band, booking, planning, communication, and the day-of-the-event performance are what I refer to as the Whole Sophisticated Experience.

As your Music and Events Maestro, it is my goal to make the whole process of working with us to be as easy and simple as can be.  We want to make sure that it will be as much a pleasurable experience for you as our live musical performance will be for your guests. There is so much more than simply hiring a musical group and having the musicians show up on the day of the event.

The pre-event planning and communication leading up to the day are essential and vital to the success of the event. Allow me to explain what the Whole Sophisticated Experience is about for you and for the success of your event.

In my over thirty years of experience as a professional musician sideman, bandleader, and Event Professional, I have learned that there are specific protocols to follow that will lead to your satisfaction and pleasure with the hiring of my musical groups.  These protocols include:

  • Attention to Details 
  • Communication
  • Reliability
  • Great Musicianship 

When you add all of these things up, these are the aspects that define:

Total Professionalism

To assure you the best possible outcome for your event musical entertainment, I firmly abide by these protocols.

Attention To Details

In order to give you the very best delivery of our service, it is imperative to be highly aware of the attention to details so that we know exactly what your expectations are and understand what it is you want from the musical performance and the role we will play in the broader picture of your special event. For the success of your event, I need to ask the relevant questions that you may not even be aware of to know to ask.  That is where experience and attention to detail come in as an Event Professional. Gathering every detail for the event as well as anticipating any potential glitches or pitfalls will ensure that your event will run as smoothly as possible.  As an experienced Event Professional, that type of hindsight is invaluable and is vital for the success of your event.


For your peace of mind and to ensure success in the delivery of our performance, it is extremely important to be very communicative with you, the client.  What that means is that all forms of communication are open at all times.  Phone calls are returned promptly and emails are replied in a timely manner.  For my wedding clients, I meet you in person to discuss all the pertinent musical details and expectations for the big day.  Weddings are complex events that require much attention to detail.  Often I will meet with the wedding party and the wedding planner to do an onsite inspection with them in order to get to know exactly what to expect in accordance to the timeline and program of the event as well as being acquainted with the physicality of the venue.  For corporate clients I will often conduct site inspections with them also.  Communication is not limited only to the client, but also will extend to the banquet facility manager to discuss logistical details such as load-in procedures, parking, and other fine details to ensure smooth running of the event.  Communication may extend to other vendors of the event if such coordination is necessary.  Also, communication with my musicians is extremely important.  I send complete gig details to each band member so that they know exactly what to do and where to go from the moment they leave their house to go to the gig, where to load-in, park their vehicle, what room we are in, whether we get fed, the client contact, and exactly what the event is.  As a musical sideman in past times, I have witnessed bandleaders that give the least amount of information to their players such that questions and confusion often arises when we arrive at the gig.  Good proper communication with everyone involved just makes your event run that much better.

Reliability and Great Musicianship

Another important protocol to ensure the best performance of live music for your event, is making the correct choice of sideman musicians who play in my group and thus, for you. It is my personal goal and highest desire to become the very best at my craft as a bassist and a bandleader.  In order to deliver to you the most stellar product, I only hire the most highly qualified and talented professional musicians who are highly accomplished, and also the most reliable and trustworthy.  My musicians are not only outstanding in their craft, but they are highly reliable.  They show up early to the event, dress impeccably, conduct themselves with utmost professional protocol, and play great. We not only want to sound amazing in our musical performance, we aim to impress you and your guests with our presence, professional demeanor, and conduct.

No Worries

The bottom line is that your experience in hiring my musical groups will be a very easy and virtually effortless affair.  If you are a seasoned event planner who understands the ins and outs of procuring and purchasing live entertainment, you will find that I am a kindred Events Professional that will understand what you doing and able to easily flow with you with your requests and vision.  Or, if you are like most people you may only consider hiring live music just once in your life.  This is usually for a wedding.  That is where I step in to be your Music and Events Maestro to take you easily from beginning to the end of a most incredibly successful event that you and your guests will experience and reminisce for years to come.

Contact Me!

I would love to be the your Music and Events Maestro!  Let me conduct the musical entertainment of your event to make it a wonderfully Sophisticated Experience and an unforgettable affair.

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Hi Emmanuel,

​I want to thank you for the wonderful job that you and your band did last week. You definitely met my expectations and I think that you added a nice touch to the Gala.I will look you up if I'm ever back in Seattle and also if I need a jazz band for any of my future events. Have a great rest of the year as well!


Reggie Evans
Production Coordinator
​PCI Communications, Inc.
"Thank you for doing such a great job and for going out of your way to learn some of our favorite songs -- you blew us away! It meant a lot to us that you came all the way out to our rehearsal the night before, Emmanuel. I think it made all the difference in the world -- your input was greatly valued and the ceremony and reception music transitions were so smooth. It was so nice not to have to worry about a thing.Thank you for your fantastic work-- please feel free to pass our names along as a reference any time!"

--Jenny and Voja 

The   Whole

Good Morning Emmanuel!

It was a pleasure to meet you. You and your fellow members did a fantastic job! Everyone had a wonderful time at the reception thanks to your wonderful music. It was so nice to work with you!

Kindest Regards,

Megan E. Shannon
​Manager, Meetings & Expositions National Apartment Association